Aqua Cool Towel

Wet it! Wear it!

Great for sports ~ up to 20 degrees cooler than your body!

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Simply Savory

If you are looking for a Simple Fundraiser you came to very right place. Groups of all sizes can choose the highest quality products from our wide variety of items to assure your fundraising success.

We at Goldrush Fundraising make your fundraising experience a golden one! Our team provides excellent products and up to 50% profit.


Profit with Flowers
Fundraising with Flowers is a successful fundraiser for all types of groups.

Small Group sizes:
Youth groups, Scout Troops, 4-H and many more benefit from the low minimum.

Large Groups for example:
High Schools, Bands, Church Congregations and PTO's benefit from the 50% profit plus there is no food spoilage!

Guaranteed to Grow!
We Guarantee the flower bulbs will grow!

Items sell for $6 - $25



Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough fundraising has been a favorite for many years.  We offer 3 great programs to accommodate even the smallest group.  Choose from frozen cookie dough tubs, pre-portioned or dry mix.

Snack Favorites

Everything sells for $6

Vast array of over 20 luscious Chocolates, Fresh Snacks and Sweet Treats.

Features something for any sweet tooth, young and old!

From Homestyle Turtles to Gummy Bears, Cheese, Sausage and Cashews.

Snack Favorites has something for you!


Goldrush Fundraising